About Hope Channel Uganda

Sharing Hope for Eternity

Hope Channel is the official TV station of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, situated at the Adventist Center along Gaddafi Road in Kampala, Uganda. It ranks among the top religious broadcasters in Uganda.

Hope Channel seeks to be a household multimedia ministry, sharing God’s love and hope for eternity.

Since its inception in Uganda on May 25, 2023, Hope Channel Uganda has been dedicated to producing high-quality, faith-based TV shows, documentaries, and talk shows that encourage and uplift viewers. Our major aim is to enrich lives, strengthen faith, and promote positive values in society.

Through inspirational sermons, informative talk shows, and thought-provoking documentaries, Hope Channel Uganda aims to provide relevant and engaging content for viewers of all ages and backgrounds, helping them navigate life's challenges with faith and resilience. In addition to its regular programming, Hope Channel Uganda is actively engaged in various community outreach initiatives and partnerships, striving to make a positive impact in society.

Through partnerships with local churches, schools, and other organizations, we seek to address social issues, promote education, and provide support to those in need. At Hope Channel Uganda, we believe in the power of media to transform lives and communities. Through our programming and outreach efforts, we hope to bring light, hope, and inspiration to viewers across Uganda and beyond. Join us on this journey of faith and discovery as we strive to share Hope for eternity to the world around us.

Visit our Ways to Watch page to experience Hope wherever you go!
Visit our Ways to Watch page to experience Hope wherever you go!
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