Adult Bible study is a weekly in-depth interactive study of the Word of God.


"Amagezi Muliro" is an innovative and inspiring show that seeks to empower viewers from all walks of life with diverse vocational and hands-on skills. This thought-provoking series goes beyond traditional career advice and offers an immersive journey into the world of craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, and skill development. Each episode features real people, from aspiring artisans to seasoned professionals, who share transformation through the pursuit of their passion and honing their skills.


A show dedicated to providing valuable insights and practical solutions to common family problems.


Welcome to Amazing Heroes, a children magazine show that aims at inspiring, educating and entertaining Kids and parents to become better citizens of this earth and the heaven to come and also prepare them to become better disciple makers.


"And God Said," where we delve into the profound wisdom and guidance found in the words of God.


A show about women. Here women discuss real issues facing women in Uganda and offer solutions on how to overcome them and remain faithful.


Esuubi mu kusoberwa is a weekly show that will bring Hope to the viewers through different sermons offered by Pr. Kaggwa Rogers. These sermons are set out to encourage the depressed, rise those who are weakened by the trials of this world and give them hope of our feature home Heaven


Nairobi Evangelistic Meetings With Mark Finley Meetings Title: Hope for Today, Tomorrow, and Forever Dates : September 2-16 ,2023 Website: Special Health Feature: Mrs. Finley Pr. D. Mmbaga - Family Life Dr. Chidi - Health Speaker

Let's Pray

Let's come together in prayer and embrace the divine presence that surrounds us.

Morning Devotion

A curated collection of soul-nourishing videos designed to start your day with inspiration, reflection, and spiritual growth.


The show covers a spectrum of health issues, from chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease to emerging challenges like mental health and rare diseases. "Obulamu" doesn't just offer hope; it presents actionable strategies, showcases innovative treatments, and spotlights individuals who have defied the odds to reclaim their health. Through real-life stories and expert guidance, the series provides a roadmap for viewers to navigate their own health journeys, equipping them with the knowledge and motivation to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. "Obulamu" is your source for informed health choices, paving the way to a brighter and healthier future for all.


Welcome to the Sing Along, where we gather to lift our voices in praise and worship! Join us in this musical journey of faith as we delve into a collection of uplifting hymns that resonate with the Seventh-day Adventist community and beyond.


The Innovation Corner is a dynamic platform that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative business concepts of aspiring entrepreneurs in Uganda. It is brought to you by Funlearn Africa a multimedia company that extends the most Fun way for students to learn digital art, IT and innovation in a simple, Fun and practical way, in partnership with Hope Channel Uganda. Our mission is to fuel innovation and entrepreneurship for a brighter tomorrow, in alignment with Christian values and principles.

The Reader

The ultimate destination for discovering and delving into a treasure trove of Adventist literature.


The show offers you a place to discuss a number of issues that we face in our everyday lives, for all people who want to heal or recover. The therapist show will help participants by allowing them to share their experience in a safe setting while receiving support from both the therapist or individual therapy. Therapy treatment in this show might increase your chance of healing and feeling better faster. in fact, more than 50 clinical trials and several decades of research have shown that tv show therapy can be just as effective as individual therapy.